Two Proposed Design Courses

This is a proposal for two separate courses that might be offered in continuing education venues. Both are oriented around Architecture, Design, and Construction. Download them in a single PDF file.

The Business Of Designing Buildings – This course is for young architects and designers or those in adjacent professions. It focuses on Lessons Learned and Strategies for succeeding in the helter-skelter world of construction.

Design Drawings: Sketching For A Winner – This course is for those wanting to design things big and small. Students will want to apply these skills to making such things as furniture, kitchens, and home renovation but the techniques apply to all “design problems”. Artists, Fabricators, Builders, Interior Designers, and Architects will all learn how to develope your own sketches to visualize, refine, and sell your work. These drawing skills may be used in concert with CAD drafting but are sufficient for many project types.